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"Hyggelig" can be anything; it isn't about /what/ a thing is, but /how/ it makes you feel - it's something that makes you feel nice. putting this here so I won't forget what this word means... :]

"We met it seems, such a short time ago. You looked at me, needing me so. Yet from your sadness, our happiness grew. Then I found out, I need you, too. I remember how we used to play. I recall those rainy days, the fires glowed, that kept us warm. And now I find, we're both alone. Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end. But in my heart's a memory, and there you'll always be."


-antidisestablishmentarianism and schadenfreude-

Cool place to check out ------>…

"Do you want karate?"



"What are you gonna do, eat your spinach?"

Ed is the best. :iconasterphoenixplz:

Quotes by King Eagle B-) : "I hereby sentence you to capital punishment by means of disemvowelment!"

"Titan's just tall enough to pat Viper on the head with his eyelashes."

"I'm gonna save my fiends from that friend!"


Great Literature of the Internet (found by me while traipsing across the net - don't be creeped out if you find something you said here, I lurk everywhere):

"Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"

"Eh is a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything."


"DINGDONGDADDY was banned by Professor Oak."

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wrights make a plane."

"hoe he acne get the same card every his turn?"

"It's Punch o' Clock.

In a Power and a half, it will be Kick-Thirty." -comment on Xin (Youtube)

"This is a good series you got going. Now we need to see some titties-mmm-bop-bop-tittays." -comment on Xin (Newgrounds)

"I bought you a rectangle. Just kidding, its a cylinder! It's a very tasty cylinder, I kicked it my self, and it became cake. Through the power of my violence, huh." -also Xin

"Yugi went psycho on weevil Jaden, wen full rage darkside vader mode, Yusei I love my friends but won;t risk going darkside for them"

"oh i was like like saying is cool and all but i takes year to make a computer to do that or so i heard."

"She wanked to the store."

"Children! Thought about! Won't someone?"

"Three out of five doctors agree, it's a pill!"


"Look at him down there, look at his hair! It's both orange and brown! Why can't my hair be two colors?"

"They don't think it be like it is, but it do."

"His power is maximum." -Brolololololy

"They accidentally their glasses."

"Tits nipply outside, we breast head inside."

"Whose responsible this?!"

"Pick the red one dammit!"

"As an idiot I take a fence to this."

" The worst part about the Sonic Porn one is that some well known Sonic fans *CouchAlixCouch* Believe Sonic is real." - *FURNITUREcoughFURNITURE*

"first its not me tht started this shit so there someone decided they would shit with my friend for no real reason..."

"You've poked the truth with a shamelese finger."

"After all, the leading cause of pregnancy is not having sex." - meant "leading prevention"

"Women would rather have sex with chocolate." - meant "women would rather have chocolate than sex"

"shes geordiouse!!"

"John Freeman went off road and did backflips and landed on back wheels and kept going too."

"and i just a normal t-shit. so it wasn't me. just those stupid horny huys >.<"


"Heyo may i jone
i hav disided on a team
and i read throw out everything"

""Will February March? No, but April May."

"e_e you do know that all living things evolved into furr.... BUT FUCKING ALL!
walles had furr and gone swiming...
they all had furr and feathers..."

""Oh im so sorry Silver..." but no soap oprahs k?"

"cos she is a very very very rememerbal character to remember me by , because of her back A.J.H my anituls , amber jade hughes , so plz dont rip me off :S i made her design a little differant though cos she seemed a bit plane"

"...but I have to dissagree, sometimes a picture is only colored parshly to give more infacis to that pasific part of the picture, and In some cases it can look really good"

"really you all are not giving constructive circumcise you all are bashing and trolling"

"you guys need to stop hating on wile if you dont like him thats fine its youre bissunes i persananly like wile"

From fanfiction (a la FFnet):

Opening quote from my bro: "You can "unleash your imagination", just don't forget to flush the toilet afterwards." <-- :laughing: SUMS IT UP PERFECTLY.

"...Syrus fell into a comma..." - ooold, but still funny

"The man nodded and handed Jaden of what seem to be a clipboard attached with a pen that was hidden from Jaden's view by tucking it near the armpits. Jaden grabbed it and feel very stinky moisture on the area of the clipboard that was tucked under the armpits...The man's smile widened as he waved back and then drive away into the sunset." - best UPS man, also Jaden's eyes were hot dry, and crispy from the heat lol

"She then began to reach her hand out and place it onto the glass of mirror. The hand, that is the exact same size as Emiko, almost seemed to come out of the mirror."

""Oh great yet another rainy day," she said to herself as she got changed into her Slifer top and black undershirt as she changed her underwear and pulled up her knee high red skirt as she took her shin high boots and pulled them on her feet and zipped them on."

"When Alexis had her ticket she made her way to the gate where the plane would be but instead stood the pilot with Alexis' name on it as he said,..."

"'That's weird, why am I finding my brothers cards everywhere?' she thought to herself but then the floor opened and fell through the floor of the room as she screamed,

"AHHHHHHH!" as bats flew out of the bell tower as Jaden heard it as he raced..."

"Just then she came to a empty room where everything was left abandoned as she walked up to the shelves that where empty but she looked felt the shelves until she felt a card as she picked it up and saw that it was another one of her brothers as she looked at it and though to herself..."

"...loud cough hi iam cumly hey cumly iam macey but you can just call me mace and than cumly wishpered in jaidan ear somthing but i couldnt hear it"

"I can't see my cards and 100% of duel academy has been converts. Wait, what is that? I look up and saw a light cloak and hood on the left and a dark cloak and hood on the right.
"Who are you?" I said.
"I am Lightness and this is my brother, Darkness." Lightness answered.
"We are here to help you, with this." Darkness said as he tooked my deck and tooked something out another deck from his pocket and place it in my card slot."

""ALEXIS! BABE!" Jaden suddenly ran out from his seat and climbed up the duel arena to try and comfort Alexis......."OH MY! I totally forgot about that! Although Atticus didn't really said anything about a surprise or anything a couple of minutes ago so I totally forgot" he smile at me then I just flushed a contented smile at him as a sign of thanks to his answer then I felt someone tugging my left hand so when I looked at Alexis she had her cutest wondering face on."

"Jaden is now a third-year and is winning even more duels then before. But his life changed when he found out one of the teacher's secrets. When he was heading to fusion class, He found out about the new teacher, . The new teacher gave out work everyday to keep you busy, and never taught anything about fusion. After a few classes, Jaden Noticed somthing.

"how come every kid who Forgot tob ring in his homework is gone?" Jaden whispered to syrus.

"Maybe the kids are just sick or staying home to do homework."Syrus awnsered.

"Who takes a week to do homework?"

One morning, Jaden ran to fusion, Because he was late. But then he heard screaming. Where is that coming from? Jaden walked to the door next to Fusion class, And peered down the empty Hallways. Is that Chazz? Chaaz forgot to do his homework the first day of class. No one saw him since. He was covered in dirt, his shirt was In scraps, and it looks like he haven eaten in days.

Jaden walked over to chazz. Chazz quickly jumped up and garbed the Cell bars.

"Jaden you got to help me!" His voice was all dusty, like He has not drunk anything in days. Right then, the door creaked open.

"Going somewhere?"" - a whole chapter

"I'm sradishing to cry."

"Akiza looked down in shame; she hasn't seen her parents sense graduated from medical school fives ago."

""I wont tell her, you will couse your going to live," Akiza said with ditermianatishion."

""Maybe Zure is right, what if we can't get of Dark World?" asked Dark Magician.

He was the only one in the group that put any thought towards anything. The others were

quick at making decisions and were barley even cautious at all.

"Come on, don't think like that. Of course we can make it out of here." Neos said

with an assuring voice. "We were trained to get out of tough situations like this. We just

need to think and remember back at the training academy." They all pondered for a while

thinking of their days at the academy, trying to think of anything that can possibly help

them. Thoughts of the academy actually put them in a 'happy place', brightening their

attitude despite how dark it was in Dark World."

"Utopia just sat astonishment. And anger."

"A young man stood there infront of Yusei. He looked like he cloud be his twin. Yusei study hism. No ideal who he is was."

"Jaden was happy he faced Yugi's ace monster. "Wow, the Dark Magician, too cool!" He couldn't hold back his excitement. It was at this time Yubel, Jaden's duel sprit appeared. Stupid. Now's not the time to cheer. That's Yugi's ace monster. Then she disappered."

"Neos up his arm and sliced Dark Magician in half while the ball of energy from Dark Magician's stick interacted with Neos causing him to groan slightly."

""This is what you get for being an abnormality," one of the punchers shouted."

"In the night sky there was a whistling in the trees from the genital breeze."

"-I had used one of my three powers to come here may they defeat the spirit as it was flying over at the battle he arrive the strange person was fighting with Zane while all others were lying on the ground like dead.-"

"-Now the world is said.-No.I use my second pwoer to go to past and my third power to remain there until my quest is complete this time i will make the chosen to spirit said and a flash appeared.-Make your said as he and Crowler began to battle at the exams.-He must be near dark spirit said and flew out from the there at the park that Jaden had pumped into Yugi a boy same as Jaden like they were twins.-"

"Hey Chazz here is the boy that beat .Chazz apepared.-Hi what news my name is said waving.-And that is said Chazz make a groan.-His name is Chazz Princeton and wa snumbe rone at the pre-duel-school.-Yes he will become the next king of best duelist in the world.-Thats is said.-What did you said?-Its impossible he to become the future king of games because i will become the next king of the two obelisks started to laught.-....-Now i activate the trap card call of the ican take one of my monsters from my graveguard and play it in the arena in attack up clothian he wont stay for long because i going to sacrifice him to call Mefist the infernal general.-"

"-Do me a favor and hold said.-Pharaoh?Syrus the cat was wrapping around Syrus at the classroom for sports.-I wonder where is said.-I am thinking the other Jaden a little their etacher came.-Hi i am Fontai Fontaine and i will be your sport teacher for this you ready to sweat?Later at open the door of their room.-Hey Jaden will you or Syrus go to do dous?-I will go Syrus is other Jaden get out and went out.-Whta?The Jaden that was in asked.-He left before a little and he was very said from the up bed.-Happy this isnt lik the same time at obelisk girl dorm at the piscine."

"-If you ask me i say we must crap them right said.-But no one ask you.-Alexis said.-Alexis?Jasmine said.-Jaiden win honest and said.-Okay the truth is i had a little luck, you are very Syrus and Jaden left with one of the two slifer boats.-So you duel with the said.-How you thin kthe other that didnt duel Crowler would be?Jamsine asked.-He will be...very said.-You escaped but where will you go i will find away to throw you out of the he landed in the nearest land and got out from his swimsuit.-Hey Alexis isnt there?Mindy asked.-Lets go to see what he wants a place near.-Oh i am tired i go somewhere i am not allowed i am alone and the worst is that i hadnt duel since i came here sighed when he arrived near the girs saw him.-Jaden why are you here didint you beat Alexis?Crowler asked.-Oh i am the other Jaden not the one that beat you and..what he beat Alexis?Jaden asked.-Forget that now its time to duel to see who is the Mindy Jasmine Alexis appeared.?Mindy said.-Jaden?Jamsie said.-What you want here ?And you Jaden again?-I am the other said.-Leave or we will crap said angry."


"Inside the metropolitan Goverment Guilding where a sicret dorm room two wemen set on two lefting plat form chers inside the dorm room the walls of the room looked like one giyint scren usaed to monter the Internet and the digita plane they notes something unusroll. "Sir it look like a tamed one is trying the bio-emerges" said one of the wemen who had long red hair as she tiped away at her keybord. "Are you shour it tamed and not wild" asked a blonde men who was flickring his silver zippo lighter open and shut as he set in a cher next to a competer outside the dorm room. "Yes sir we are we'er deteting a segnler of a device simler to the other two we deteted a few morths back that seems to be moveing tores the Tame one as we speck" said the other brown haired women as she tiped away at her keybord. "I see in that cays put a Tracer on it and see if you can get two Tamers mete there new alily at the emerges ponet if posubol" said the blonde men "Yes sir" both wemen said in unsins."

""Dude did you really see Rika's mom get butt?" Kazu asked, frantically." - 'get', 'kick', whats the difference

""Listen up gogglehead..."
"SHUT UP BITCH! im concentrating.""

"Takuya got his d-tector from his pocket and yelled"SPRIRT!"Then he said "Exicit!Sprirt evolution!"He had blue data scans all around said"Agunimon."He had long yellow hair,red mask,black gloves,and red and gray armor all over his body. He battled the digimon was almost defeated and for his last attack he said"Pytro tornando."and when he defeat the digimon he said"Fractal code digitiez(can't spell).""

"It was nighttime in the digiworld and Koji was carrying Emma on his was looking somewhere he and Emma can sleep for the night then he saw a yellow said"Better than nothing."Koji walk to the bench and putted Emma in his lap and fell next morning Koji woked up as the sun was shining on his notice that Emma was still asleep and then he a was waking up and when she opened her purple eyes she saw a guy who had on a blue bandana with yellow brownish said"Morning sleeplyhead."Emma was wondering who was the guy and she was wondering why was she sitting in his she asked"Who are you?""

""Just watch me, L. I'll solve equations with my right potato chip, and write names with my left potato chip. I'll take my right hand....AND EAT IT."" -someone's sig, probably pulled from a Youtube Poop :lol:

Tobe Continued? :iconragdollplz: :iconjuap: :icongarplz: :icongigadrillplz: :iconshuturwhoremouthplz: :iconblockatielplz: :icondeueaughplz: :iconflygonlaplz: :iconravesplz: :iconextremeshakefistplz: :iconstewiewtfplz: :iconmariodanceplz: :iconotamaroplz: :iconreactionplz: :iconemospiderman2plz: :iconsubliminalsublimatio: :iconforeveraloneplz: :iconkawaii-laplz: :iconsoileditplz: :iconmariosezgoodplz: :iconohsnap-plz: :iconmeanlookplz: :icondealwithitdogplz: :iconbisonyesplz: :iconnotasinglefuckplz: :iconsh00pplz: :iconepichighfivelaplz: :iconsafety-danceplz: :iconovertimeplz: :iconlagaspplz: :iconevilsquirtleplz: :icongolbatplz: :iconsupertackleplz: :iconyolks2-plz: :iconxx-yuki-judai-xx: :iconshellderlaplz: :iconmanderlaplz: :iconyoshidanceplz:

We share genes, but not jeans :iconbestbuddiesplz:: :iconpajara-san: :iconking-eagle-decree:


MAS DE OCHO MIL! :iconover9000plz:


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